We have come to realize that the Zoom programming we have been providing since December of 2020 has run its course of interest. As such, from this point forward we will discontinue it. We will keep offering our YouTube video productions and programs, which have enjoyed successful viewership. We will also continue to offer live programming as it is requested. We hope to serve the community as much as possible in this and other nature related endeavors for many years to come. As always, we thank you all for your interest and support, especially our YouTube subscribers and core supporters. You are all the greatest! - Don & Christie

Nature YouTube!

We are thrilled to announce that Central Ohio Nature now has it's own channel on YouTube. We have begun recording our programs sessions and posting them to our channel. Just go to the YouTube home page and type "Central Ohio Nature" into the search bar at the top of the screen. Our recorded programs will be listed with a thumbnail photo. Catch every program you might have missed!

Now On Facebook!

We are happy to post that Central Ohio Nature now has it's own Facebook page. It will be updated more frequently than this site, particularly with photo galleries. Look for it at: Central Ohio Nature, and please, like the page!

Talk to Us!

Your input and opinions are valuable to us. Please go to our Facebook page to sound off on what program topics you would like us to present on The Nature Happy Hour! on Thursday nights. Just make a post or send us a private message. It's easy!